With every show, students sign a contract stating they will refrain from drug and alcohol use as well as other illegal activities, bullying and excessive failing grades (two or more classes). If a student is caught in violation of this contract, he or she is dismissed from that particular production. Once a student is off contract, he or she is no longer held to dismissal standards outlined in the contract.

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However, every student who participates in upper level courses in theatre, including Advanced Acting and IB Theatre, agree to uphold these principles throughout the year, whether they are on show contract or not. Any use of illegal drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited in the department, and unlawful use of such, whether at a private party where law enforcement becomes involved or at a school function, will result in dismissal from the course. Students verbally agree to this at the beginning of every school year, and if he or she is also in the instrumental music or choir program, he or she may sign a contract that is effective across the performing arts department.

The Lakewood High School Theatre Company strives to maintain the highest standards with its participants. Use of drugs or alcohol, smoking, or other illegal activity will not be tolerated during any school event.