Thespian Troupe 1697

Thespian Troupe 1697 is a distinguished group of theatre students who are dedicated to excellence in theatrical arts. To earn membership, a student must log 35 points or 350 hours of work on stage and back stage in the LHS Theatre. Students who were members of a middle school troupe, or who are very active in community theatre, can transfer up to 10 points to their Thespian membership. To start logging points, click here to download the Thespian Points Record Sheet, fill it out, and house it in the Thespian binder in the Drama room, E130. Find out how many points your activity is worth by downloading the Thespian Points Value Sheet.

Inducted members of Thespian Troupe 1697 will have several meetings a year regarding various events they will be participating in, such as the annual Colorado Thespian Conference or ThesCon. Stay tuned for information on those meetings.

Important Dates

54th Colorado Thespian Conference, December 6-8th 2018